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Leaving now for new naturopathic doctor appointment

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I go to a naturopathic doctor today who specializes in pain management and inflammation. I have papers 1/2 inch thick of medical history, test results and food log that they've requested that I fill out. Dh warns me that whatever they decide to do will probably not show immediate results. I just really want to be able to stand and walk without pain. I'm not too fond of the pain in other parts of my body either, but the feet make it difficult to do the daily, you know? I'd appreciate prayers for a good exam/consult and for wisdom for the doctor. The actual appointment is for 1 hour. I don't know if there will be any actual treatment today but I hope so even though I don't know if that is reasonable to expect.

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Appointment ended up going 1 hour 45 min. She was quite concerned because my bp is high at 159/ 92. I just got home and checked it again and it is the same. Dh (an RN) and I are monitoring it. I don't have any bad symptoms.


She put me on a higher concentration of magnesium (mixed with other stuff to make it more effective). That should help with my bp too, I hope. She also is trying an enzyme that supposedly helps people with fibro. And, :crying: I'm supposed to go gluten free for at least 2 weeks (and then we'll re-evaluate). I'm not sure what I think. She was nice and seemed knowledgeable but it's the same old "throw stuff at the problem and see what works" approach that I've been using for 20 years.

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