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Coyotes just got 2 of our chickens:(

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My dd16 heard something and went outside to check on them. Coyotes had dug under the coop and taken 2. There was one little hen left. I dread having to tell dd4 because these chickens were pets, and she just loves them. I'm not sure what to do with the hen. She is in a box inside right now. The last thing I want now is more chickens, but the hen is going to need a friend.


I knew when dh brought the chicks home that it was very likely that this would happen. I just didn't realize how attached we would get to the darn things:crying:

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This is why my chicken house is empty. I'm tired of the whole predator thing. You wouldn't believe how many times either the boys with their guns or I with the dog have dispatched coons or possums. No more.


And yes, you do get attached. The last time I went out there and found 17 missing/dead I was so frustrated I went in the house and bawled. Not to mention the time and effort to raise them from flufflings.

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