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Need help with a presentation!

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My dd has to do a Girl Scout presentation on a "nocturnal animal"


She was assigned an owl. Does anyone have any cool ideas for unique things to do for her presentation? Maybe some kind of cool thing to show some of the features? Maybe a cool craft? Anything that will make it "wow" and exciting?


Your help is very much appreciated!

Hot Lava Mama

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I have seen a good demo about the silent flight of owls. It has to do with the edge of their wing. The demo is twirling a normal rope and then twirling a rope with the end frayed. The frayed is much quieter and demos the difference of the wing design.


I think I have seen other things about range of neck turn and size of eyes (I think: tennis ball size if an owl were kid sized).


I can't go looking right now but I will add it if I can find it.


eta: here's a link for the silent flight demo...scroll down to page three and look for the feather and silent flight row http://www.peregrinefund.org/docs/pdf/vmic/education/birds-of-prey-analogies.pdf


I know I've done or seen other demos. Sorry I'm not finding anything else though.

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