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Geometry recs

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I'm researching geometry as well. My oldest used the Saxon traditional series and that is not a good fit for my youngest. Some ideas:







Power Basics




Prentice Hall


Alpha Omega Press grade 10 math kit


I have not seen Power Basics but one of our local co-ops uses it.


Several IRL gfs have spoken well of LOF Geometry. It is a thick book and looks to be quite meaty.


I have looked at BJU and was surprisingly pleased with it. I'm not a huge BJU math fan, but their geometry is a contender for our short list of programs.


I'm also not a huge TT fan, but I like what I'm hearing about their geometry course. More than one family has spoken very well of it IRL. If I can get it for a good price, I would like to consider it.


Several local families are using Chalkdust but the price is prohibitive for us.


Jacobs gets glowing reports but I have not seen the newer edition.


I know 2 families who love Abeka math and speak very well of their geometry. Again, not *my* first choice of curriculum houses, but these 2 families have been pleased.


I'd be curious what you chose since I will need to purchase something in the not too distant future....

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I'm not too sure about Jacobs. It is very highly rated and everyone I know who has used it, likes it. I have an older edition, but I cannot teach from it because it only has an answer key. Geometry is not my strong suit (nor my oldest's) so I need something with lots of clear explanations and answers. RR has some sample pages and table of contents:


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