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iSingapore Math?


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One of my DD9's is doing a belt right now. Because of processing and working memory problems she struggles a little more with math so I am looking for extra practice geared toward any weak areas. It is to early to give much of a review, her section just started.


iSingapore is partnered with singaporemath.com according to the Director of Online Operations. The textbook companion is supposed to allow you to choose from MIF, SM, and Common Core standards. In my understanding $99 is for one level, which was problem for me because we straddle levels and would need two in a school year.


DS has a tutor in SM, but that is face to face, and more expensive than isingapore. We will try one twelve week session and then evaluate if it is worthwhile.

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I wish I could give a positive review. We have three weeks left with DD. I do not plan to renew at this point and am actually very disappointed in the $167 spent. The belts appear to be the set up like the companion. Two lessons are released every week for the child to work on. The parent is emailed if the lesson isn't completed by the end of the week. There is no interaction with a teacher or representative past someone releasing the material. Once a lesson is finished the child moves on if they obtain a passing grade. Correct answers are shown at the end of each problem. If they do not pass they are given the same questions to do over, so memorization of the correct answers is mastered versus how to correctly carry out the problem. This is one of the biggest problems I have, they can't come up with 10 different problems if the child doesn't pass?


I made this choice to help DD who struggles a little more with SM PM Standard Edition. The steps used to complete division problems are different than those taught in the PM, which has created confusion and much frustration for DD. She is 5 lessons behind right now, as lessons were released over Christmas and New Year's Day. I am not impressed. :(

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