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What if you don't pass clep test?

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I am wondering, what if you don't pass the CLEP test? Do the colleges see that you didn't pass? Do you get another chance?


Was kind of planning on having dd take CLEPs to verify the level of academics in homeschooling, and it would be good to know if she froze she would have another chance.


Also, what about SAT Subject tests? Are they the same?


Thanks for your help!!

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One important consideration with CLEP is that the student can take the test again but they need to wait six months. My suggestion would be to take sample tests (preferably a few different ones from different companies) first and wait to take the test until they are scoring solidly in the passing range. The score would only be seen by colleges if you sent it and there would be no reason you'd send a failing score.


As far as the SAT subject tests... while the College Board offers something called "score choice" which allows you to pick and choose what scores you send out, many schools opt out of this and require all test results. It is possible to retake SAT subject tests and if so most schools are really only going to look at the highest result you send in for a subject. They understand anyone can have a bad day. Again, I would suggest that your student take practice tests and make sure they are scoring in their target range before they pay to take the test.


While there can occasionally be overlap, most students thinking about CLEP exams in high school are not aiming at highly selective colleges. At these colleges CLEPs carry no weight for admissions or credit. And, SAT subject tests really tend to be helpful only with highly selective schools. Many less selective schools don't really even understand the value of them. So, your first step may be to sort out what tests make most sense given your student's goals.

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