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Lasagna noodle question

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The no boil method works well with traditional noodles, but what about whole wheat?


I bought a bag of whole wheat lasagna noodles at an Amish grocery. A tray of lasagna will feed the neighborhood so I decided to make lasagna roll ups: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ9zx_gJ5XeDUIg6XbvvKG1QvM8mDC8WQ7Ehe3NUOi-yva31uPNGQ


Here is my problem. Several of the noodles shredded themselves lengthwise in the cooking process. A couple broke into small squares. So with my roll ups are a few stack ups!! (Obviously the photo is from the Internet and not my kitchen. :lol:)


But I still have some whole wheat noodles left. Has anyone tried a no boil lasagna with whole wheat noodles? Did it matter?


Jane (who has had quite a day! Computer problems, printer problems, noodle problems...)

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