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Quick! How long does it take to make a chicken mummy?

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Do you mean the whole process or to get it started? Getting it started doesn’t take long, maybe 20-30 minutes including clean up. You just clean the chicken and put it in the bag with the salt and baking soda. But the whole process takes weeks-months. I think for us it was about 10-12 weeks total.

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You might be able to do it with a much smaller bird (like a cornish hen). Look at the alternative recipes posted around here that more closely mimic what the Egytians used, rather than doing salt/baking soda as directed. I'm thinking people added Borax or something like that to speed it up?


I think with the other recipe and a small bird, you could certainly do it.

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You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. I definitely suggest the cornish game hen vs. a whole (regular-size) chicken.


We're working on our cornish game hen & it is not done yet. However, it is close enough to "done" after a month that you could bring it to show how it looks before you oil it up & wrap it in linen. :)

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