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You'd think I could take a quick shower

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My youngest is 7. So I should be able to get a shower, right? When I come downstairs, I see straws all over the floor and a kitchen towel on the floor. He runs from the room when I walk in. I lift the towel to find a huge puddle of Koolaid. Red Koolaid. On beige carpet. Turns out, he wanted to use 100 straws at the same time. Nevermind that his mouth isn't big enough; the cups aren't big enough. So he decides to drink straight from the pitcher with 100 straws and -- surprise! -- this is not doable and things get out of control. He is 7. Not 2. Seven. I want to cry.

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Estimation: Is my mouth big enough for 100 straws? (Ok, a little off on the estimating part.)


Cause and Effect: What happens when I cram 100 straws into Red Koolaid? (It spills on the beige carpet!)


He got some phys. ed in there by "running" when you came in....


And best of all, he showed he's "responsible" by putting a towel over the whole mess!




(Sorry about the red koolaid on the beige carpet... I would cry, too. :grouphug:)

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