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I have been leading a Speech co-op once per week for an hour (IEW's Speech Bootcamp). For those who have used this program (or any other program for that matter), how did you assign credit for this? The number of hours put into this class has been minimal: 4 hours for actually giving speeches, 5-6 hours of DVD viewing, an hour or so for speech prep. That's definitely not enough for even 1/4 credit.


Sigh...I detest the whole credit hour thing when it comes to electives. I really, really do. I have an Abeka Speech book I suppose I could have my dc slog through just to fill in hours. That will go over really well, I'm sure. :glare:

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Could you add some plays and recitation and call it speech/drama?


Participate in Poetry Outloud for a speech/public speaking credit.


Do a homemade music video or TEDTalk presentation.


Do oral interviews with family or neighbors and relabel it communications.


Watch and dissect political speeches and or commercials and call it speech and rhetoric.

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I teach speech at a co op as well. I use Secrets of Great Communicators by Jeff Myers and it is excellent. I also use the Standard Deviants DVD as it is fun and reinforces the concepts.


Our lessons last 1 hour each and we have 16 each semester so altogether that takes us to 32 hours in class. The students spend on average one more hour per week on preparation or reading their workbook, so it is easy to reach 65 hours.


In addition, I encourage them to do speech contests. Voice of Democracy is due 1 Nov, Optimist Club is in the first quarter of the new year, and Right to Life is April / May. All of these start at local chapters so there is a good chance you can get the students to enter some of these.

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