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Kindle Question: Shared Account

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I'm thinking about getting one of the new Kindle Paperwhites, but I may get a second Kindle for my oldest.


Here's my question: I can get them set up so they are both on my Amazon account, right? But can I configure his Kindle so some books are off limits. I sometimes pre-read books and on occasion I say he's not ready for them. Will I be able to do that? Easily?

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Yes. The new Paperwhite (and all the new Kindles if I'm not mistaken) has parental controls. I'm not quite sure how it works. We all have older Kindles without parental controls, but thankfully we don't need them anyway.




Scroll pretty far down the page to read about parental controls. Editing: Actually it's about midway down on the right.

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As long as he can't access your Amazon account, you can have books sent to whichever Kindle you prefer (or both). So yes, you can just have ones on yours.


:iagree: Also, you can have it set up so that if he downloads anything it will automatically show up on his. Dh has our account set up so that he gets anything I download on his Kindle app on his iPad. He doesn't want to miss anything good. :tongue_smilie:

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