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Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices Test Prep?

Spy Car

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My son 8 year old Third Grader will be recommended for specialized IQ testing this year. While our school district has other tests (like the OLSAT) that potentially qualify students as "gifted" (which he passed with the exit exams at the end of last year) there is only a "one shot deal" at qualifying for the "highly gifted magnet" Middle and High School programs.


Due to budget constraints the test generally used is the Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices test done in a group setting. The bar for the test is very high at 99.5 or better for admission to a Highly Gifted Magnet.


I would like to test prep to get him used to the tests, to learn the strategies for solving the problems (especially the hard ones) and see if his maturity is optimal for taking the test this year rather than next. I hear it is easier to get a 99.5 in 3rd Grade vs 4th.


Anyway, I'm seeking outstanding resources for Raven's test prep. Our closest local Middle School has the Highly Gifted Magnet on campus and qualifying would be the best option we currently have for Middle School.


It is nerve-racking because I think he has the capacity to pass this test, but one wrong-headed answer is the difference between admittance and non-admittance and it is a one-shot deal. Private testing results are not allowed.


I appreciate hearing about any outstanding resources that might be out there.



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None of my kids have ever taken the RPM, but the samples look very much like the items in Critical Thinking Co. Visual Mind Benders and also some of the problems in the Math Analogies books (though that has a different format). I would start with the VMB and then do the MA if he has time.


:iagree:The Raven is supposed to be a content-neutral IQ test, so thus theoretically impervious to preparation, but . . . I agree that the VMB or the visual/figural problems in the Building Thinking Skills book 2 look most similar to the kinds of problems you see in Raven.

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