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History & Science Suggestions please!


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My 7th grade PS DD just withdrew from PS today. I think I need to revamp and completely change the course of our year now in order to handle teaching both kids at home.


She will be using SOS 7th grade LA and Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra.


Here's my dilemma. I think I need to find Science and History to do with BOTH 7th grade DD and 4th grade DS. He is a VERY Mathy & Science kid so I think he could handle 7th grade leveled stuff with no issues.


SOooooo........ Suggestions for programs I could use with both of them?

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Well... We're using Beautiful Feet's History of Science and loving it, so I'll suggest that. :001_smile:


You get both subjects in one. I'd do HOS together and then supplement according to each kids needs (with additional reading and experiments). It's very straightforward (pick up and go), and it spans over quite a bit of time, which might be nice while you adjust to having 2 at home.


(My 6th grader uses SOTW and my 8th grader uses History Odyssey for history, but I'm sure you can make a great history year using HOS as a spine)

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I personally like the Story of Science.


I find that it is comprehensive enough that I wish I hadn't ordered a history program. The teacher's guide (which I highly recommend) has connection exercises for every subject:









While most of these are geared for a classroom, it is easy to modify them so that your student or "classroom" could complete the tasks together.


We are using the text, teachers manual and workbook.


Honestly...with the exception of Math, this could almost be a complete curriculum with your own add ins. :)


I just noticed your using SOS (sorry I missed that) mentioning these are fairly secular and definitely present the bible as myth in most cases.

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Get a Sonlight catalog. That is what we have always used for Science and History - and when my oldest 3 were in elementary / middle school it worked really well using the same thing for all of them.

Sonlight is done so that even the 'teacher' will be challenged. It has multiple options and they all fit more than one grade. I had kids 5 years apart in age all enjoying the same 'core' from Sonlight.

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Well it looks like your younger is already doing chem and life science this year. You could leave him alone and get the BJU dvd/online Life Science for your dd. It's 7th grade and well done with their favorite teacher (Sheri Vick). Then if he tagged along and watched the videos or wanted to do some of the labs with her, he could. It would be strong prep for whatever you want to do the following year.


For history, he's doing colonial and unit studies? Well my dd did the two VP american history self-paced online courses last year and LOVED them. BJU has a gr 8 history text that would work. VP schedules Hakim on the history cards btw, so she could read Hakim (or whatever spine you like) along with the online work.

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