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Basic neuropsych eval question

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I don't know the answer to your question, but we wound up getting DD a psychological eval, then a (useless) educational eval with the public school psychologist, then psychiatric help with meds because her anxiety had gotten scary, and we are currently pursuing a neuropsych eval (complicated by insurance runarounds).

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i did the first few evals before ever getting to meds . . . which is probably a good thing if you want a dx, because all the questions are 'has your child exhibited the following in the past (6 weeks? 6 months? whatever) so I found filling those out AFTER my child was medicated to be somewhat pointless. OTOH, if your child needs meds, you wont be able to get anywhere with other interventions until you get the proper mix and dosage.

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Still haven't gotten a neuropsych eval for ds. He had an eval with his ped for anxiety, and received zoloft (sertraline) for that. Had another eval with a developmental ped about possible asperger's...but received a dx for ADHD instead...and meds for focusing on schoolwork. Later on, he had an educational eval that indicated a nonverbval learning disability (NLD). At this time, I now feel that ds has been rather thoroughly worked-over. The NLD really seemed to cover all his issues, except for the ADHD...which is co-morbid to the NLD. I would have probably gone ahead and scheduled him for a NP eval (to confirm/label NLD)...but NPs around here aren't taking medicaid anymore. I will probably have it done toward the end of highschool for accommodation's sake, especially if it seems like he'll go on to community college. Right now, I can't even imagine it...so we're good.

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