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Calling the sheriff today.

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We drove by one of our alfalfa fields yesterday and saw that someone has been driving their vehicle through it and cutting donuts in the middle of our crop.


Dh spent a lot of time (duh)working, plowing, leveling, planting, tending, yada, yada, yada apparently so the local a$$hole high school football team has a nice place to party after the games.


Today our boys will have to fence the field in, which is a shame because it makes it harder to move big equipment in and out, not to mention the time and money it will take just to keep some jerks from destroying our harvest.


I'm mad. I'd love to catch them, and would probably end up in jail if I did.

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Calling the high school would only make the problem worse. The kids that do this know it is wrong, this is a farming/ranching community, they know better.


Love the nail idea.


We have a big problem with the teens around here. One farmer caught some stealing from him red handed and still nothing was done. So I guess we also have a problem with law enforcement, or lack thereof.

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