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Dd9 woke up with 103º fever, now headache and nausea

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I gave her ibuprofen at about 10:00am and decongestant at about 2:00pm (in case headache was sinus related). She is crying and feeling miserable. The fever has gone down to about 100º but she is still in pain and feeling like she's going to throw up.


I called the ped. and he will see us at 5 - they're squeezing us in at the end of the day:) - but I thought I'd ask all you wise women what you would do in the meantime.



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Ah-ha! I see you are in Virginia, too. The flu bug is going around- my DD had it, my friend and her kids, a couple kids at gymnastics. Headache, bad stomach pains, diarhea (that is spelled so wrong!), maybe throwing up, but not everyone. DH felt icky too last week before the "outbreak" around here, but I have no idea what kind of sick, he isn't real vocal about admitting he might puke, LOL.


We always do popsicles for stomach bugs- the sugar probably makes it *worse*, but it does make the puke cool colors (seriously) and the kids feel better just having a treat. Not much you can really do for a stomach bug but let it run its course.

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Doc said exactly what I thought he'd say *sigh* - it is a virus and there is nothing he can do. I figured as much, but since it was Fri. afternoon I decided I'd see if he could see just in case it was something else. I hate waiting all weekend should things get worse, kwim?


Anyway, he said he was the doctor on call this weekend so if things did get worse to definitely call him but that he really didn't think I could do anything but let it run its course. He's a wonderful ped. - we've been going to him for 18 years.


Her ibuprofen wore off while we were there so he gave her more. She is watching "The Emperor's New Groove" in a kind of half-asleep mode right now.:)


I've been giving her fluids all day, btw, but thanks for the suggestion. Always better to get reminded - just in case.


Thanks for asking.

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