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Board Game "Expansions" Ticket to Ride and Carcasonne

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Reading about these Eurogames piqued my interest. Now I see all types of "expansions" on Amazon.


Two questions:


1. Any opinion on these expansions? Have you used them and found they added to the original game in interest level, etc.


2. Where is the best place to buy these types of games on line or locally?



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1. My kids like many of the expansions. But they have usually owned the original game for a year or more before getting the expansion. They change the game enough to keep the interest level up.


2. Online, http://funagaingames.com are the experts. Locally, ask other homeschoolers in your area. There are several game stores in Delaware that carry this kind of game.

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We have Ticket to ride Europe, which is not technically an expansion, but does have a few added elements, one of which we add to our Ticket to Ride America to make it last even longer (the tollbooths). Plus, we love playing the Europe version as well. We also have the 1910 expansion pack, which I'd also highly recommend because it not only adds new destination cards, but the cards are also the size of playing cards, and they provide new playing card size versions of the original destination cards too, so we simply replaced the small cards from our original game.

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My dh and the boys are big game players. They have a couple expansion packs, but I can't tell you for what games. Like someone else mentioned, that is something DH does when a game has proven a 'hit'. Some expansion packs are simply to allow more players. He has bought a couple of those for very popular games. DH runs game days and the kids can invite their friends. Those expansion packs mean everyone can play.


I think we might have a couple that allow adults and kids to play together. DH is a fan of those. I think he got a couple of those right away.

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