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My mother would be proud

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I remember certain moments when she would lift her voice a little at the dinner table and say "never discuss religion or politics", her contribution on preparing us for "social dining".


Well, I obeyed her so well, just in the last month I've found out hubby, whom I've shared a house with for over 7 years, is an agnostic and registered in a political party. The tip off for the latter was finally asking about a hat he wears "Proud to be a....[insert red, white, and blue political animal]" hat. Since we get so much at goodwill, I thought it was just some used hat.


Wonder what else he'll tell me if I just ask....

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that is funny. Because it brought back a memory of me finding out my dh was a registered (blank). His personality and values had lead me to believe he was (blank). I was devasted. I remember howling at him, "How could you?!!!"


I do have you beat on one account. I found out after 15 years of marriage.:o

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I though both dh and were both registered (blank). If I remember correctly, I registered (blank) because that was what he was! The other night we were talking about voting in the primaries and he said something about not voting unless he could cross party lines. Apparently he is registered for the "other side" - he switched his registration one year when he was mad at the party. I have you both beat - we've been married 25 years!

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