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How do you use magazines in your home school? We get a few magazines (Answers, God's World News etc.) but I always find that they're just sitting around unread. I want to be more deliberate with them but at the same time, I don't want it to just be one more box we have to check off everyday.

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I've found that I do need to have that box to check off or it doesn't get done. We have 30 minutes that we work on current events. I don't plan more than that. For those 30 minutes, we read and discuss. The discussions are the favorite part of my day with my kids. Without setting aside that time though it wouldn't happen.


I've wanted my kids to be motivated to read on their own, but it doesn't happen yet. But I figure by setting aside the time, I am modeling the behavior I want and they are much more likely to be motivated at a later point than if we never did it.

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Mine devours his sports magazines the day they arrive. :glare: Not so much with the others though. We actually do current events, but with CNN Student News instead. He watches every morning and once a week he does a 2 min. oral presentation of an event of his choice.

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