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I'm Thankful For...

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Canaidan Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Doing the dinner today.


I'm Thankful for...

My husband. A good man, good husband, great Daddyman.

My eldest son, who taught me more than he ever learned from me. What it was truly like to love someone more than myself.

My eldest daughter. Who teaches me every day more of the mom and woman I want to be. Who forgives my mistakes, and loves me anyways.

My younger son. Who teaches me the value of laughter, love, and mischief. Who still climbs into my lap for a cuddle.

My youngest daughter. the Princess and the scrapper. Who shows me beauty, and femininity and strength are not mutally exclusive concepts.

My youngest son. Who shows me wonder and delight and love uncomplicated by time.


My friends, who've been there through good and bad, w/laughter and tears, advice and guidance, a pat on the back or kick in the rump, whatever is called for.


And most of all, God, for all of these blessings.


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