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I NEVER crave sugar.

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Hm, just eat something you are allowed. Even if you aren't really hungry. I'm the same. I rarely crave stuff I don't allow myself, but for whatever reason sometimes I just get my mind hooked on something and I can't stop obsessing over it.


Vegetables. I try to stick to a vegan diet, I need low carb, now Candida.




No, that doesn't work.


That ganache sounded good.

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I had almost the same problem last week. I wanted a cookie. I tried substituting fruit, a cracker, a different flavor of tea, really all manner of healthy alternatives. I battled the cookie craving for about 4 hours. Finally I said the heck with it and ate the cookie.


One cookie satisfied the craving. I've not craved anything since. It was weird.


Maybe if you just give in and have a life saver or one really good dark chocolate it will go away and not bother you for a while.

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