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Teenage boys and sweating

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My son will be 16 this month. He has been increasingly complaining about being sweaty all the time, even just in the air-conditioned house watching TV or whatever. He takes too many showers! I know that excessive sweating may be a side effect of Paxil, which he takes for anxiety, and we did increase his dose not too long ago. However, it seems like this could also be related to hormones, right? Has anyone else had a teenage boy who sweated a lot? Is there anything he can do? I'd hate to back off the medication just for this, but he is complaining about it a lot. It is taking a long time for fall to arrive here; we've had a record number of consecutive 100+ degree days, so that doesn't help.


Thanks for any advice you can give!



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Have you asked his doctor about it, to see if he thinks it's a side effect of the medication?


FWIW, I can imagine how he would be sweating like crazy when the temp is around 100 degrees, but not so much in an air-conditioned house, unless you keep the house at over 75 degrees.


Did he always sweat a lot? Some kids just seem to sweat a lot more than others do.

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