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Crochet questions - potholders?

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I'm a beginning crocheter - I can make basic doll blankets and simple hats. I was thinking it would be a nice and inexpensive Christmas present to give friends a crocheted potholder and maybe a jar of homemade creamer or amaretto. I've got the recipes for creamer and amaretto but don't know what pattern to use for the potholder. Any suggestions for a pattern? What type of yarn should I use?



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I don't think you need a pattern. Just do a single crochet in the size rectangle or square you want. Use a thick yarn. ;)


:iagree: Another option is to use wool and make a larger, looser stitch square or rectangle and then felt it. This pattern is free at the Lion Brand website, but you might have to register to download it.

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This is my go-to potholder. I don't worry about joining or counting rounds. I just go until it can be folded into a square easily.


Oh, and I prefer using 100% cotton. I buy the cones from Walmart or Bernat Handicrafter Cotton from Joann.


I like the cotton for dishcloths, which are just as easy to make. You might make a nice set of color coordinated potholders (with thicker yarn) and dishcloths (with the cotton yarn). People seem to like this kind of thing better than a scarf as a gift, IMHO.

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