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Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

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My dd has a meniscal cyst, and probably a torn meniscus. The radiologist said it needs to come out, because although he's 99.9% sure it's a meniscal cyst, there's a small chance it could be malignant. We'll have our follow-up appointment with the sports medicine doctor on Monday, but I want to know more now.:tongue_smilie:


If you or your child/spouse have had this surgery, how was it pain-wise and recovery-wise? Really, anything you can tell me about it would be great.

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i've been thinking about this a lot recently - its definitely a much faster recovery than it used to be before when they cut the whole knee open. ONe friend had a torn meniscus, but also a torn ACL, so that made her recovery longer. She was back in martial arts class in about 4 months but with a brace - but again, thats because of her other injury, not the meniscus - that part should be fast


i have a knee injury from February too (the week before hers) but I dont have tears in either . . but i'm still not better. Once my swelling goes down (again - i have to STOP getting out and walking again when i start to feel better) . . . i will probably get a scope surgery . . . the recovery cant possibly be longer than what i've been through already, so I'm really looking forward to it!


I hope your daughter's surgery is quick and easy and successful with a quick recovery!

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