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Urgent....do we need to go to ER??

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8 yo dd was hit in head with soccer ball tonight. Shes been fine. It's been over 2 hours now. She has had a headache, then she threw up about 20 mins ago and now her headache is gone. Otherwise she seems fine!


Our local ER has no pediatrician so our pediatrician recommends another hospital about an hour away.


Not sure what to do...... She seems fine but when she vomited it scared me. Concussion symptoms??

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Definitely go.


It will probably turn out to be nothing, but any kind of head injury plus vomiting is not something that you can ignore -- and you don't want to be an hour away from the hospital if she suddenly develops scarier symptoms.


Please update us when you can --I'll pray that she's OK. :grouphug:

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