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If you're wondering when to jump from CLE to Saxon for pre-algebra....

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we did CLE through 606 and just jumped to Saxon 8/7 and it's a perfect fit as far as placement. I think we could have even left CLE earlier and it would have been ok. I thought we'd have to finish CLE6 first, but once I got the Saxon and I looked through it alongside the rest of the yr 6 CLE Light Units, this was a perfect place to jump.


I kind of felt like CLE6 started to fall apart after 606 anyway-more consumer math and that kind of thing. (we used CLE for 7 years--since 1st grade--with older dd and for 2-4 with younger ds, so I do like it!)


We wanted a ONE year pre-algebra (which Saxon 8/7 is) and CLE calls BOTH 7 AND 8 their pre-algebra.


There is a significant amount of review in the Saxon of things we learned in CLE, but we need it. I actually think you could jump out of CLE sooner and go to Saxon 8/7, but Saxon doesn't have quite as much spiral review of things like long division, etc.


Anyway, hope that helps someone-I know this was specific info I was hoping for when I was trying to decide!


The Saxon is more dry than the CLE, with longer explanations, but I am pulling in actual explanation of the lessons from other places like MM, Crewton Ramone, MUS, the Danica McKellar books, etc. to give more of a conceptual understanding (which is a whole other ball of wax-lol!)

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Thanks, this is good to know as both of our daughters are in CLE now. We'll probably go with a different Pre-Algebra though like the one ds11 is using - TabletClass. But I am looking at a good place to jump off CLE for them. I'll take a look at the Pre-A scope in light of CLE before making the leap as you did.


I agree that two years is too long for Pre-A. But that's the way they used to approach Math decades ago - no formal Algebra until 9th grade. I remember running into this problem myself while in middle school. They simply reviewed arithmetic for two years and I was extremely 'bored.' :tongue_smilie:

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CLE math 7 & 8 have a lot of algebra AND geometry so it's giving dc a strong foundation to move into algebra, geometry and general math skills (consumer, etc.).


If dc go from CLE to Saxon, it's an easy transition because Saxon continues to do both algebra and geometry throughout high school. Coming off CLE math 7 into algebra will also work because of the basic algebra skills built into that year too (as well as geometry).

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But it seems it might matter *what* algebra program they would go into after CLE7-you'd have to check scope and sequence and maybe do placement test for your chosen alg program because I looked through the S+S for CLE 7 and 8 and they definitely left some pre-algebra topics for 8 that some algebra programs might assume were covered in pre-algebra. (I think off the top of my head that Pythagorean theorem might be an example? But I could be wrong-it's been months since I looked at it.) It could work for sure because CLE generally seems advanced-just be sure to check the scope and sequence and do a placement test.


I agree about CLE to Saxon being a good fit-I was pleased to see the amount of geometry in Saxon.

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