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Any advice on stopping picking behavior?

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My dd7 had to see an oral surgeon today because she has sores on her gums. We believe she is picking at them at night (a tooth is coming in, which I think started it). If it isn't better in two weeks, they will have to do a biopsy to rule out a more serious cause. Dd acknowledged that she might be picking at night when she is trying to go to sleep, so we thought tonight we would try putting band-aids on her fingers. Any other suggestions? We are really hoping to avoid a biopsy...Thanks!

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My ds is using stop bite. He bites his nails in a way that is damaging his gums. We will be switching to something stronger soon, because he's starting to tolerate it. His nails do look less chewed right now, so hopefully his gums will begin to heal.


Eta: he can taste the stop bite even just on his fingers. He thinks it's rubbing off his nail. He doesn't know i'm doing on purpose to work double duty on booger eating.

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