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Which sitcom makes you LOL even though you've seen the episodes many times??

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The Middle

Everybody Loves Raymond



I watched one episode of BBT and it looked funny, but my 12 year old dd was with me (hotel room) and it had a lot of s8x in it, which was fine w/me, but not so much fun watching w/your dc.


I guess I'm going to have to find Arrested Development somewhere.



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Oh, and Portlandia. I could watch the episode with the garbage divers over and over. I do love keeping up with appearances and arrested development as well. I need to mark this thread for when I am stressed out.


Oh gosh. Portlandia. The bit with the people who can't stop watching Battlestar Galactica is SO funny.


Every time I'm at a craft market or in a cutesy shop, dh and I end up yelping, "Put a bird on it!" at each other.

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Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, Reba, Home Improvement, King of Queens, and Full House! (I keep remember more and adding them LOL!)


We have the Friends board game, and we have played it so much that DH and I both know all of the answers by heart so it isn't fun anymore. LMAO!

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Frasier, Golden Girls, Big Bang.....


I can't pick out one particular episode for Frasier because everything Niles just cracks me up! I love him.


Golden Girls....I have to say there are just so many great one-liners that we still quote today ("Stanley, work with numbers? Please, the man had to strip naked to count to 21" .....).

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Malcom in the Middle is another one.


I soooooooooo identify w/Lois. Wolf gets a huge kick out of the Dad, esp the episodes when she's pregnant and he's switching out her coffee cream w/whipping cream, giving her high fat snacks, etc, just to put a lil more junk in her trunk :lol:

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