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If you have huge ADD/ADHD success stories wo/ meds, please share

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Not against meds, just would like to try to help without first.


Our history is that we tried Brain Balance this summer. It helped some. DS eats no gluten, no dairy, and none of the other foods his IGG indicated sensitivities to, including eggs. He was also diagnosed with leaky gut.


He takes:

Thera Biotic Children's Chewable probiotic.

Nordic Naturals Complete 3-6-9 Junior Liquid

Vitamin E 100 IU -Hypoallergenic 100 Capsules by Kirkman Labs

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Vit C-Orange Chewables

A multi-vitamin but I can't remember which right now!


We started melatonin a few days ago and it is helping him fall asleep much more quickly.


Any ideas???:bigear:

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Guest SpyandQ

I seem to have eliminated all ADHD symptoms. My youngest was never quite diagnosed, but it was strongly suggested. I chose to homeschool and try to 'fix' things myself for a year. I think we've been very successful. He's back at public school, his choice, and is doing well.


Part of his problems were vision related. Vision Therapy to correct a drifting eye, lack of depth perception and convergence insufficiency - it helped A LOT.


We started by going gluten free. Then I shifted us to Paleo. After about 6 weeks, I saw the brain fog lift and skin issues clear. He was finishing schoolwork 1-2 hours faster and with much better focus. I had him on probiotics and fish oil and a multivitamin at this point. But it wasn't enough. I took him to a natropath who looked at urine, stool and blood. Turns out his neurotransmitters were really, really low. He wasn't digesting/absorbing protein and therefore unable to make them (related to gluten issues, his gut wasn't healing very quickly). He also confirmed gluten intolerance and a slightly elevated yeast level. The dr. added digestive enzymes and a B vitamin to help him make his own neurotransmitters, GABA (his levels were undetectable) and grapeseed extract for yeast. It took about a month, but he is now happier and better able to regulate himself. Concentration also improved. Two months later, a urine test indicated that all neurotransmitters are now normal.


For now, we stay the course with supplements, but the goal is to eventually remove them as his gut heals.


Check out this site:


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