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Stress tips

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Hope this doesn't sound trite, but it's coming from a place of extreme stress over here and it's the main thing I am doing.


I'm trying to focus on the gifts and good things in my life. Putting myself in the shoes of others who are worse off helps. For instance, my crazy house issues seem pale in comparison to the Ugandan mother feeding her child dirt and salt to fill their bellies. I read about her last week. Being in the hospital with DH last night with very high blood pressure and chest pain, I feel thankful that he has health insurance (I don't) and good medical care (unlike so many around the world). I can come up with things to be thankful for in every situation and that helps.


And then when I get to the spot of saying, "I don't want to find thankful things anymore!" (and I do!) then I am gentle with myself. It's hard. And I find places for life to give.


Good luck. :grouphug:

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I agree with much of what others have already posted: sleep, exercise, preparation for the what-ifs, and, yes, I have even been known to adopt a "Well, it could be worse" attitude (which some regard as cavalier or callous but, appropriately applied, has really been helpful to me).


I would add eating well and choosing activities and outlooks that enliven one's sense of self.

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First I check myself before I wreck myself :D If I'm tired, I rest, if I'm hungry I eat, if I'm anxious I relax and if I'm angry I journal about it. A good cry can help too.


To prevent stress, these are my absolute musts: Ca+, Vit D, Fish oil, super complex B vitamin, and magnesium supplements. If I miss one for a couple days I can tell (esp the calcium).


Yoga, this always gives me a calmer day, some days I'm just too tired though. Miss a few days and I can tell.


Treat yourself to something nice every once in a while. Do something you enjoy for an hr each day. I work 24 hrs/week, homeschool and am in school full time with 2 clinical days most weeks and I still find time to do this.


Make time for friends each week.


Prayer. Meditiation.

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