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dog help...again

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I posted a week or so ago about how my 2 year old dog chewed one of my daughters toys while we were out. Since then she has chewed two items while we were home. The first was a stuffed toy on my desk so my dog took it off my desk (which was full of papers and other stuff) to chew it. The second thing she chewed was my night mouth guard which was sitting on my bedside table. I am livid. My mouth guard is for teeth grinding and cost me a lot! It was sitting in the case but the case wasn't closed (I put it there every morning after I clean it and it's open so it can completely so it isn't something new that I just started putting there). I don't know what to do....it's one thing if she is chewing something that is on the floor but she is getting up to find things. Any ideas? I love my dog so much, she is really the sweetest dog, but I need this to stop!!


ETA: She hasn't gotten less attention or exercise. The only change that I know about is that we used to have our bathroom trash next to our sink but she kept getting into it and tearing/eating tissues from the trash so we put the trash can under the sink in the cabinet so she can't get to it. I don't know why that would cause her to get up on desks/tables to find things to chew but I thought I'd mention that. Also, there are always plenty of her toys around and if she was going to chew something not hers why would she get up on a desk/table when my daughter has toys all over the place?

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I learned quickly with my chewers to never leave them with the run of the house when we were gone. One dog I was able to leave closed up in the kitchen, careful to only have his toys accessible, and another I had to keep in a crate when we were gone, but again with something he could chew on inside (like a Nylabone).


If I ever caught them with something that wasn't theirs, I'd take it away while sternly saying "no," and immediately replace it with one of their own toys and praising them. They eventually caught on, but even then, certain dogs I've always had to keep locked in one room or crated while we were gone.


Stuffed toys and soft plastic things are so tempting for a dog!

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A few things we do for our dogs....


...get a Kong and give that to her when you leave the house. It's a hard rubber toy that has an opening which you can fill with food or treats; smear peanut butter over the end of the opening (inside) as well, and you can even freeze it, and give that to her just as you walk out the door. This will (should) keep her busy and happy while you're gone.


....if it might be separation anxiety, leave a radio turned on while you're gone. The noise can help her not feel so alone.


....close the doors to any room you don't want her in while gone. If that means you have to close her into one certain part of the house, do. We close off all carpeted rooms, just in case.


....do work with her while you are home. If you catch her with a toy or other item that is not hers, immediately remove it, say "No" firmly, and trade her for something of her own/that she's allowed to chew.


Also, if she has soft stuffed toys that she IS allowed to chew, that might be a point of confusion for her. I'd probably eliminate all soft/stuffed toys so that she doesn't think they're free game.


As for why she's seeking out things, probably they smell like you/your daughter, and she's missing you. Maybe for a while, try leaving her for very short periods (as in, go out for a 10 minute walk around the block, w/o her) so she learns that sometimes when you leave, you get home quickly.


Best of luck.

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What if you leave rawhide bones laying around in different rooms for her? I have a 5 month old German Shepherd and this is what I'm doing for him. I also have a basket of toys that he can get to any time he wants.


Also, I wouldn't let her have the whole house while you're gone. Sometimes this is just too much freedom and they can't handle it. Could you keep her confined to one room?

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She doesn't have any soft, stuffed toys. I understand about how she might have separation anxiety when we are gone but the last two times it happened we were home! The first time dd and I were cooking dinner so we were in the kitchen and the dog went upstairs to get the item off my desk and the second time I was working out while dd and dh were in the kitchen doing a science experiment.

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