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Logic for a 13yo... what did you use?


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I am trying to decide what logic to use for my 13yo. This will be our first time to do any logic.


My choices are:


Introductory Logic, Nance


The Fallacy Detective with Critical Thinking Book 1 & 2


Traditional Logic from Memoria Press


What did you use that worked well for a 13yo?


Any opinions/suggestions welcome!

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My oldest is 13. So far we've done the first 2 CDs from Mindbenders to teach some deductive reasoning. Last year we did most of Fallacy Detective aloud to together and we all enjoyed it (12/13 yo dd, 11 yo ds with 8yo ds popping in because he wanted to hear it also).

I'm hoping to finnish FD this summer.


I'm looking at a local Debate class for my 13yo dd and Teaching Textbooks for the 12yo ds. If she has time I'll have dd do both! :D


I did plan on the formal logic books by this year but we are really enjoying the informal logic studies. I think it will only help in many ways to spend another year on this. We are also doing Classical Writing which will also go over formal logic in their Herodotus bk which we will get to in about 3 yrs. So hopefully we will have done some formal logic by then but if not we'll do it alongside CW.

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