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Apologia in the later grades


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Before I invest any further in the Apologia Elementary books, somebody please assure me that the later Apologia materials drop the condescending, ridiculous commentary from the author.


Comments like, "How many times in a row can you say vertebral column? I can only say it twice before I mess up."


I can tolerate this kind of commentary at the elementary grade level, but if this is consistent through the higher grade levels, I'm going to find a different science text.


I want a science book, not a dialogue from the author of the science book talking about how many times in a row she can say vertebral column. Or commentary on how her husband was bit by her toddler.

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Oh good, I'm glad to hear that the later levels lose that dialogue.


I otherwise like the Apologia books. There's a lot of information, and it's beyond my oldest two's level. But for this first time through, I can easily rework it, and use what we need. And in the later elementary years, when we come through it again, we can go more indepth.


I DON'T, however, appreciate the cutesy dialogue. This is a science book, not a story book of anecdotes.

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