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Plz recommend beginner workout dvds for dd13-that explain the steps well and safely

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I am advanced at working out, so everything I have here already assumes you know how to do a lunge or a squat, etc. Dd13 wants to start doing workout dvds but we really need to start with something that goes pretty slow (not slow movements, just slow pace to catch on to the movements) and explains in kind of detail how to do each component safely. She is at a decent fitness level due to yrs of ballet, but this is all new to her!


She probably leans more toward wanting some cardio and leg work, not as much strength with weights kind of thing, or core work. And not interested in yoga. Something fun and peppy, no longer than maybe 20-25 minutes.


She did my Turbo Jam leg workout today and LOVED that-it was some lunge type things and kicking and a little floor work for legs. It is fun and high energy, which she seemed to like. It just went too fast and she couldn't follow and didn't know what any of the moves were, but she did like that style.


Thanks so much-I have no idea where to start!

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Could you show her some of the basics of the videos you already own?


I take a lot of group fitness classes and everyone that starts out is usually a little lost no matter their fitness level. It usually takes a few times to get the hang of it and then you are fine.

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