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I just have to say...

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dealing with negativity on a daily basis is draining.


I'm working on counting to 10 before saying anything to this person, even if the conversation isn't emotionally charged, but man, it is so hard.


And then when I do have a non-emotionally charged conversation with this person, they want to talk about what happened on their favorite tv shows or what they did on Farmville, or the latest gossip, or who is missing or dead now on Nancy Grace :banghead:


Not to mention, they focus on the negative of good situations which leads to my heart hurting. And then if they don't take notice of something good in my life, my heart hurts equally as much.


Prayers for patience and serenity are coveted.

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At times like that, I try to remember the quote in my signature. We're all on a journey, and we all struggle with different things. For some, it's negativity.




This is a great reminder. Thanks :001_smile:


Stephanie, you're in a hard place right now. Keep praying for patience and long suffering. Honestly, the Lord DOES use these situations to build our fruit in Him, you know?




I try my hardest to remember that.


Thanks :grouphug:

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