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Recipe Challenge: Sweet Potatoes

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It is time to put up sweet potatoes. I don't have a root cellar or any other good way of storing them so I'll be cooking them to put up.


I plan to can some just b/c I never have but not very many b/c I do n.o.t care for the added sugar. Otherwise, I don't have any really good ideas. So, here is my challenge for you:


Pretty please post/link your favorite Sweet Potato recipes that are:

Vegetarian or easily convertible

w/o any added sweetener

Freezes well or

Can be canned (again, with no added sweetner)

is delicious and family approved!

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I had the vague impression that sweet potatoes have to be put into cold storage for a while, before using. Something about the sugars in them? Does anyone know?


They do taste better if you let them cure first, but NOT in cold storage - I think the recommendation is not below 60 degrees. Being to cold chills them and makes the core hard. It is supposed to make them taste funny as well, but I have never actually eaten one with the hard core so I can't say for sure.

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I have never canned sweet potatoes but I was under the impression that they were like pumpkins and squash and the only safe canning method was in chunks (And I don't remember there being added sugar for those) in a pressure canner. Anything pureed is not acceptable because the product is too dense for proper heat penetration with home canning equipment. This is from the agency that actually tests and approves canning recipes



But I just boil mine, peal and mash with a potato masher. Then I freeze in ziplock bags in 4 cup quantities (equivalent to a large can of pumpkin). I then substitute sweet potatoes for pumpkin in any of my muffin/sweet bread/pie recipes. I have found sweet potatoes to be much less work than actual pumpkins for prep work and I prefer the slightly deeper taste of sweet potatoes.

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