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Punctuation is included in my kids grammar program. Punctuation rules are introduced and than the "put in the correct punctuation" exercises follows the lessons. After that is the proof reading exercises.


Punctuation was also included in the grammar program when I was a kid in a convent school.


There are slight differences in British and American punctuation rules though.

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I often pull sentence models from writing handbooks and curricula, and have the student compose similar sentences.


I do not like having a student correct improper punctuation. I've used correction worksheets, but find them to be ineffective and possibly counter productive for students with strong visual memory skills.

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SilverMoon - how far do you go with first language lessons & where do you pick up in R&S?


The highest First Language Lessons level my kids have done is 3. The kids and myself have all adored the first two levels, and they did enjoy the 3 book on the whole, but they were very done with the completely mom-dependent format by the end of that 3 book.


Rod and Staff's English 4 picks up perfectly after that.

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