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LLfLoTR bombed...anyone else?

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Disclaimer: I despise LoTR. I only purchased it because my dc begged for it. That being said...


My 13yo and 14yo (now 15yo) began this last year. They are now on Day 87 a year later. My 13yo read through all the books and is now going back and doing the lessons; my 15yo wants to read the books but hates the lessons (he hates anything that resembles work, however :glare:). I'm sick of this and ready to move on. Would it be worth it to do so? I'm not thrilled with the literature selections and really don't know that they are getting out of this what I wanted them to. I have a list of literature from MFW World that I also want them to read. Should I bag LLfLoTR and focus on the other books? Stick with LLfLoTR and try to not cry at the thought of another however many weeks of this?? I know if I go with the other literature I will have to scramble to add literary analysis but there is always SparkNotes, right?


Please, someone tell me that this program didn't work for your dc! All I heard/read were wonderful things yet this was not at all what I thought it would be.

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I was as disappointed as you are.

I bought it this year for DS because I heard all the glowing praises on these boards - and I failed to see the appeal. I asked about it earlier this fall:



Basically, I now have DS read the book and read the "additional notes" which are pretty good (we have not yet made it to the unit studies.)

It just feels too much like "school", and to us it is definitely not worth the amount of money I paid for it.


So no, you are not the only one.

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Goodness! SOOO sorry to hear it was such a major bomb! Feel esp. bad since it was such a hit for us and I tend to "cheerlead" LLftLotR. :(


By all means, do NOT feel you have to keep going with something you hate/isn't working!! You've given the program a good-long time to work out (87 days is just shy of a full semester), it's not doing what you want, by all means -- move on to what will be a better fit and will do what you want!


I suggest setting ALL Literature aside for a week or two, and give yourself a chance to breathe, then think through what you do want to accomplish with Literature, which will then give you a specific list of what to look for as you research to come up with a program or a plan that is a good fit. It won't kill your homeschooling to set aside the Literature for a little while so you can regroup and plan ahead, so you don't just jump at anything to move ahead and possibly end up feeling frustrated with Literature *again* in 2-3 months.


It is OKAY to let it go; not every curriculum is a good fit for every family; that's why there are so many different programs out there! The nice thing is that LLftLotR is a high-demand program, so you'll have no problems re-selling and re-cooping some of your investment $$! ;)


Wishing you the VERY BEST in writing out your goals and finding what best fits your goals! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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