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WWYD in a social situation w/ a French class for my ds...

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I said social situation because my ds is doing fine academically. The problem, as I see it, is with the social aspect. My ds is eleven years old and in a class with two other students who are both thirteen year old girls. The teacher is also a young girl, age sixteen.


The class has been going on for a few weeks and now it seems that the girls are talking hair styles and other girl stuff since they are getting used to each other. I'm sure they don't mean to leave my ds out but it's just awkward.


I'm not sure the class is really a good fit for him. I'm used to either big classes at schools or private tutoring. Also, the coop classes in the past had a better girl/boy ratio. And the way it's going, they might be in the same class for a couple years at least. My ds was very excited about the class until today. Now he's talking about dropping it for kick boxing where there are only boys:) I could also switch him to a home school Spanish class where there are quite a few boys his age. I had suggested it to him in the beginning of the season but he wanted French, not Spanish.


One of the reasons I signed him up for the class was social. Now he's not really getting the boys his age. I'm deaf so there's no way I can help him with the pronunciations at home if we drop the class. Ugghhh....


My dh says the class is just fine and a good thing for my ds because it's a great opportunity to learn French at a good tuition rate. But I'm not sure of the emotional aspect of a boy two years younger than two girls. It just seems weird to me but is it because I'm locked into the public school mentality?

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I don't think my son would be at all happy in that situation. Particularly having a 16 yr old for a teacher. Does she participate in the conversation with the other two girls? That would be awkward. Personally, I would switch him to something else if it is bothering him.

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I've decided that I'll have my ds stay in the class as long as he feels somewhat comfortable. It gets awkward but the girls are genuinely nice and it'll be good for my ds to get the experience of talking to girls as friends:) He doesn't know older girls otherwise and knows only a couple girls his age to talk to as a friend.

Then next year, I will look into either public or private schools where they offer French classes to part time students if there are still no boys by then taking homeschool French that are close to my ds's age and level.

When and if he really wants to stop going to the class, I can probably find a tutor who can step in for the rest of the year but it'll be a lot more expensive. Or I can just put the class on hold until next year.

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