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Keep the joke school name or come up with something else?

What should I do?  

  1. 1. What should I do?

    • Use "sceleratus," it's fun and you can explain it.
    • Use "Warde," it's fine.
    • Keep thinking....
    • I have an idea and it is:

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So I joke named our homeschool Sceleratus Classical Academy. I got the word "sceleratus" from How to Insult, Abuse, and Insinuate in Classical Latin. They said it meant "ruffian" which I thought went perfect for my rough-and-tumble boys with hearts of gold a la Tangled. It' the name of my blog, and I'm keeping it on that.


But we have to file for the first time this week and I forgot to come up with a real name! Friends of mine have looked "sceleratus" up online and they were getting other definitions, none of which sound good. But I don't want to be just Warde Classical Academy (and I don't want people just hearing it thinking of a prison ward.)


Should I keep it and just explain it when people ask? I don't think it'd look good on a diploma or job interview. :tongue_smilie:


(Keeping the "Classical Academy" part is mandatory.)

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