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Middle Ages Spine for an 8th Grader?

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I would probably use the Dorothy Mills books for Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation if I was having my 8th grader work on history by themselves and if they were strong readers.


I do history with all of my children together at this point, so I use things that are accessible for everyone.

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My daughter still loves SOTW so we just add to this. We do outlining of the Usborne internet linked encyclopedia and a ton of literature. My kids love the audio cds for sotw and listen to them over and over again. They still know more about history than the average world citizen, he he.

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Yes, probably. It is written for adults. It may be accessable for some high schoolers, but not for all. It is probably quite a big stretch for most 8th graders.


:iagree: I'm reading it right now and I think it would be tough for an 8th grader.


We liked Mystery of History 2 for our 7th grader


This is what we used last year when ds was in 8th grade, and we were happy with it.

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You might find it easier to get a world history text (Human Odyssey/Spielvogel, BJU, whatever) and use just the appropriate section, fleshing it out with books on the topics. I would only use SWB's book at this age if the student seems to want it. It's a LOT of material.

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Aren't the Oxford University Press Medieval and Early Modern World books/series supposed to be good for this age group? It seems like it would work, but my kid is only 9, so what do I know? :D


:iagree: Check out the Oxford University Press Medieval World books. They look awesome. I'm planning on using at least the Primary Sources book with dc in 7th.


Another possibility not yet mentioned: Story of the Middle Ages by Christine Miller/Guerber.


Someone mentioned Dorothy Mills. Looks great, too.


My oldest is 9 as well ;)

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