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LadyKayaker! about that digital microscope . . .

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I found the link to it here.




My father bought it as a gift for my son, so I didn't do any research and wasn't aware of why he selected this one in particular. He got it from B&H in NYC.


My son(14) says it is as good as he needs - he has never felt it is lacking or that he needed anything more. He loves taking photos with it and posting online or emailing someone for questions. I like that we can all sit around and look at the same time without anyone struggling to see what we are looking at. We have had a lot of fun exploring all kinds of bacteria, rotofiers from our pond, cells, insect parts, etc.


We has some pre-prepared slides that are available from a number of different sources. When deciding which prepared slides to get - I suggest you look at the curriculum you will use and get slides which match those in the curriculum.


I am sure you will enjoy the digital microscope as much as we do!

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i have that same digital microscope and really like it. i also have a regular microscope i purchased from homsciencetools.com and i prefer the digital one. It is lighter, comes with a carrying case, and mechanical stage.


i bought mine on amazon much cheaper. i will warn you, the first one they mailed to me was defective and wouldn't turn on. The replacement worked perfectly right out of the box.

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