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Question about using Hakim's History of US


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I am thinking of using this as our spine and just building activities, map work, ... around it. My question is- how is the pacing?


I want to cover Native Americans/ Exploration through the Civil War (or at lease just before it) in 1 year (more American History focused and less World History, but a bit of a mix when necessary).


Is it just "open and start reading" or are there things I need to cut out to get it all in a year? Is there some kind of reading plan out there I could use?


I see brief mention of teacher/study guides- any ideas of where you can get those?

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It's a narrative; open and read. Short chapters.


If you want to get up to the Civil War, that's only books 1 through 5, half the set, and very doable in a school year. If you want to get through the Civil War, you'll have to get through a big chunk of book 6. Count up the number of chapters you want to get through in a school year, divide it by the number of days you plan to do history, and the quotient will be how much you need to do for each history lesson. I haven't used it as our main history, it's mingled into our world history, so I couldn't tell you what the average is.


Paula's Archives have schedules that line it up with other curricula like SOTW. Hewitt Homeschooling has a syllabus for Jr. High.


The study guides can be found used on Amazon or other book sites. I see them at my local Half Price Books occasionally.

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I had hoped to finish books 1-5 the first year, but didnt. My boys hate history. there are about 30-40 chapters per book, 2-10 pages per chapter. We read 1-2 chapters per day, depending on the day, and i brought in a lot of other activities, esp around the revolution and declaration and constitution - and we only finished book 4. I was trying to figure out if I should skip the extensions to finish up this year, but dh said there's no point in rushing through it, so i guess we'll finish up next year. We just started up again the second week of september so we still havent finished the antebellum book yet. In fact, we arent a third of the way through. . we stopped for some Chester Comix, and the Ken Burns The West series (which are 90 minutes, so it takes us 3 history sessions to get through)


anyways, if your kids like history and like listening to stories, you can probably do more than 1-2 chapters per day, but my younger son is groaning in boredom by the end of the chapter most days.


I mean, i love it - its just that my older son and I are getting more out of it than my younger son, who just hates history and listening to stories which arent about fantasy/sci-fi fighting

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