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Anyone have a student who loves earth science, weather, physical/cultural geography?

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I am surprised bc she is a humanities lover mostly - but told me yesterday she would like to look into careers and college majors for these subjects.


I see atmospheric science and various environmental and civil engineering? as possibilities. I'm out of my depth on what to google next.


Other ideas? Thanks!

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I took these from the skills shortage list in the UK. There is a special category for geologists and meterologists! and a category for civil engineering. So apparently a very good field to go into from the point of view of getting a job!


Geologists and meteorologists

 hydro geologist

 geophysicist

 geoscientist

 geophysical specialist

 engineering geophysicist

 engineering geomorphologist

 geologist

 geochemist

 environmental scientist


Civil engineers

 geotechnical design engineer

 geotechnical specialist

 reservoir panel engineer

 rock mechanics engineer

 soil mechanics engineer

 geomechanics engineer

 mining geotechnical engineer

 mining and coal engineer

 wells engineer

 tunnelling engineer

 petroleum engineer

 drilling engineer

 completions engineer

 fluids engineer

 reservoir engineer

 offshore and subsea engineer

 control and instrument engineer

 geoenvironmental engineer or specialist

 contaminated land engineer

 landfill engineer

 metallurgical / mineral processing engineer




Ruth in NZ

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