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X-Post: Need Your Help With Our Pet Poll

What type of pets do you own?  

  1. 1. What type of pets do you own?

    • Dog
    • Cat
    • Bird
    • Fish
    • Lizard/Snake
    • Hamster/Guinea Pig
    • Turtle
    • Other

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My dd5 and I are working on graphing the type of pets people have for our study of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Normally, this is supposed to be done in a classroom, but since everyone in our classroom has the same pets , I was hoping you guys would help us out.


Please choose the type of pet/pets you have (this is my first poll so hopefully I can get it right!). If you choose Other please let us know what pet it is so we can add it to our graph.


Thanks in advance!!!

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Currently, 2 dogs.


At our "highest pet" time, we had fish, birds, cats, dog and assorted reptiles.


At our most recent "high pet" time, we had 1 dog, 3 cats, 2 birds & 2 guinea pigs.


I only voted for the current, although at one time or another we've owned everything listed in the poll (not all at once); our "other" vote would have been rabbit, or frog.

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I voted dog, cat, fish, and other in the poll.


2 dogs

6 cats

12-ish fish in the aquarium



4 horses

3 goats

78 chickens (yes, seventy-eight, not a typo...much to my husband's chagrin)

5 ducks

2 geese

1 peacock


Not sure if you would consider my 'others' pets or livestock; however, we do treat them mostly as pets. While I do breed and sell some chickens, I don't make any money doing it, and we don't eat any of them. The other critters definitely are more along the lines of pets, i.e., we don't breed, sell, or eat any of them.

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1 dog, 5 cats, and the juvenile green anole DH is trying catch to replace the one a cat ate last year.


We used to have 3 turtles but they got rehomed b/c of the dog running through the house. I was afraid of what a tsunami in a 50-gal tank would do to them.


Dh is still trying to talk me into getting a bearded dragon. I'm still pushing for a bunny.

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