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VP self-paced history ... does it have hands-on? Add Time Travelers?


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I'm thinking of scrapping my current plan-of-attack for history (starting next year) and picking up Veritas Press self-paced history ...or I may wait 2 years so the girls can go through it together.


Any-hoo.... DD loves working on the computer, loves learning from anyone but me, is a visual learner. She is not a sit-and-listen-to-mommy-read-about-the-Trojan-war kind of gal. So I think VP self-paced might be a good option (though a bit pricey).


Question: does it include any ideas for fun, hands-on history crafts? My girls will be young, and I want to do those fun, let's-make-cuneiform-tablets-and-wrap-mummies activities.


Has anyone added anything like Time Travelers to VP? And just picked out the crafts/lapbooks to do? Is that too much?

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There are a limited number of activities, not an activity for every lesson. Here's a link to a preview of the regular courses' teacher guide:



Hmmmm.....most of those don't look very hands-on. Just paper crafts?


Well, anyone who has done VP self-paced history: Did you feel there was enough room to add in some hands-on fun stuff, flesh it out (so to speak)? Did you add at all?


And those that have done Time Travelers: does it work as a supplement?

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Of course you can find and do hands-on projects, there are many options available for the relevant time periods. Your ability to do so will depend on the time you want to devote to the class. KWIM?


Some of the self-paced courses can last up to 30 minutes or more. Others are shorter. So it will depend on your students' stamina. The interactive portions of the class require reading and reviewing answers using the timeline cards. My kids and I all work on answering the questions together but they sometimes get impatient with the review questions. Have you had a chance to view a sample class?


We aren't really hands-on people so I haven't tried to work anything extra into the class. Sometimes we will watch a supplemental DVD about the topic covered (i.e. Egyptian pyramids or the like).

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