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R&S 1st and 2nd grade


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I am using R&S ABC Series for L. It is working wonderfully and i admit im a bit spoiled by it.

I have Horizons K for L to do after R&S, but i am wondering what R&Ss 1st grade curriculum (Phonics and Math specifically) is like compared to the ABC Series??


What is the 2nd grade Phonics like? I have Horizons 2nd grade for C but im thinking it wont work for her.

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I'm currently using R&S Grade 1 Phonics with my 1st grader. She did a few of the ABC books for K (C, D, E, G) -- as well as part of MFWK -- but we were very relaxed about it. She's transitioned well to R&S 1st.


(I've sequenced things a bit differently for my 2nd-born. I'm doing some of the ABC books this year for 4/PreK, and then we will do CLE Kindergarten II next year for K/5 before moving on to to R&S 1st.)


I'm not familiar with Horizons...

As far as R&S compared to the ABC series... there is a lot more going on on the pages, but they still have that simple feel. Black & white, lots of repetition, lots of writing letters/circling/drawing lines. No cutting & pasting (unless you get the Reading worksheets). Very well laid-out and progressive; great teacher's guide.


R&S Phonics 2 looks just like Phonics 1...but harder. :p Seriously, though...same layout/style. Have you seen the samples? They are pretty representative of the course.


ETA: if you have any more specific questions re: R&S1, I'd be glad to go look & find out. :)

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I used R&S Phonics 1 and I agree with what the pp said... there is lots of repitition and lots of writing, but it was doable. It is *very* thorough and has a rigorous feel. I enjoyed it and I credit R&S Phonics for teaching my ds how to read when other methods weren't working.


Haven't tried R&S 2nd grade phonics.

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The math is much like the above posters are describing the phonics, gentle, thorough, simple feel.


I have a little one in R&S math 1 again. We start with the oral class time from the TE. Today we'll do addition problems with our fingers, count to 100, work on what comes before or after a particular number, group tens, and do a few addition problems on a whiteboard. Then DD will get her workbook out and do one double-sided page. I keep her near me so I can make sure she's doing each part right. The teaching for the concepts on her worksheet was already done in the class time, either today or past days, and she's already familiar with all of it. I really enjoy doing this book with my little ones. ♥


Grade two still depends on the oral class time from the teacher edition, and has two worksheets for each day. This one moved a bit too slow for both of my kids that used it, but it was worth it, and I'll use it again with the DD who's currently in the 1 book. It was very easy to tweak to get them rolling at the speed they need. Early in the TE there's a chart showing you where each new concept is introduced. I used that to determine which lessons to skip altogether. For the lessons they did complete we did the full oral classtime, and they completed every exercise.

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