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Niagara Falls advice

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Our family is planning a long-awaited trip to Niagara Falls in a couple of weeks. We have a hotel booked and know that the focus of the trip is the falls - my kids want to do it all: The Maid of the Mist (which closes for the season the week after our visit), the walk behind the falls, etc.


We are US citizens but are staying in Canada. We all have passports.


We'll only have a couple of days but ideas for other things to do, places to eat (we don't tend to like tourist chains like Hard Rock Cafe and such) would be welcome. I'm not even averse to finding a new hotel if something better presents itself. We are currently booked in the Clifton Hill area; a couple of friends from Canada warned us against staying there because it is tacky/touristy (but generally safe).


I was born and lived my first 10 years in Buffalo, back when it was no big deal to cross the border. I have fond but fuzzy memories. Is the Skylon Tower worth a trip? What about Ft George? Is the Niagara Parkway still beautiful? (We're told we'll likely miss the peak foliage, but oh well.)


I hope this wasn't discussed too recently; my search brought up some threads but they were pretty old. I'm happy to go to old threads if pointed there.


Thanks for any information.

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We were at Niagara Falls in August. We actually stayed in Ohio or Pennsylvannia and drove to the falls in the morning. We only stayed the better part of a day and it was just the right amount of time for us. We did the Maid of the Mist and ate at a restaurant that overlooked the falls.


Then we went on to Toronto and there was so much more things to do there. We particularly enjoyed the Royal Ontario Museum.

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the niagara parkway is still beautiful. you can rent bikes and bike along it now. there is a butterfly pavilion that we love to visit.


we love niagara on the lake. if the shaw festival is still going, plays are fun. the fudge is delicious, and we just like to stroll the main street. (if you have time before you go, you could watch "trapped in paradise", which was filmed in niagara on the lake, then spot familiar things as you walk ; ).


there are a lot of wineries, and we go wine tasting, choosing a different winery each day.


and fresh fruit stands....


in niagara falls, there is a small children's museum that our dc had a great time at. it wasn't large, but it gave them good play time.


and there is always clifton hill and mini golf ; ).


we actually really like the bird place. we buy nectar to feed the birds. we've watched david attenborough's series on birds, so it gives the girls a chance to see in person some of the birds we've learned about.


and we eat lunch at a window table at table rock, just for the view.


and its two hundred years since the war of 1812. you could visit brock's monument, laura secord's homestead (where they have a few old fashioned games like hoops that you can sign out and play on the lawn), and fort george.


wish i were going soon, too,


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