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School mascot or logo?

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Do you have one? My SIL/BIL have a panda for theirs, and my elder DS wants us to come up with one. Our school is called "Hearth Stone" so I'm thinking of something with a rock or stones, or maybe a circle of stones. Oooh, maybe Stone Henge!? Too presumptuous?


What about you?

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See siggy :D Home of the Falons


For hearthstone, what about Hestia, the Greek goddess of hearth, home and family?


I found this



or I did a Google image search of Hearth and Home and came up with a lot of pretty old Hearth and Home magazine covers.


ETA: four-stone-hearth.jpg

Something like that with one stone for each of your family?

Awesome, these are great ideas! I did some google searches similar to his last night, and saw some cool ideas, but need to find something, as someone else said, that is not copyrighted. :) :) Or use it as inspiration and find someone who can draw!

I have so much fun with this kind of stuff.





also Microsoft Office Images is good for logos, they have a black and white fireplace.


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The tortoise! Because slow and steady wins the race! :D

This is our mascot/motto too! :tongue_smilie:

Dh created a crest for our homeschool--it looks great on transcripts. A shield with an acorn, book, the Robin Hood bow insignia and a budded cross (like a knight would have on his shield). Fun.

This is a fantastic idea. The boys are wanting to make a coat of arms (we just read about Pope J. P. II and his coat of arms yesterday). I never thought of doing something similar for our family/homeschool.

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