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Wee Folk Art Thread


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Hi! I am waiting until next year to do Wee Folk Art, but am excited so have been looking for some stuff to add to it and thought perhaps we could use a thread of good finds that go with Wee Folk Art for anyone doing or planning to use seeing as it has had some popularity on this board with the pre-k / k'ers.


Today I found a cd and songbook with 12 songs per season. A perfect add on!




If you have ideas about anything that could compliment Wee Folk Art, please share.

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Another idea that I had that could be added in through out the year was to grow a seasonal garden. I really haven't ever done it before and so it would be a learning experience for me as well, but something I've been wanting to try. The idea would be to grow a vegtable garden through out the year, growing Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer produce and having the kids find out what grows seasonally and allowing the family to eat seasonally.


The CD I mentioned mirrors the WFA Curriculum really well. Fall, Winter, and Spring have 12 tracks each and summer has 10 (for Ponds and Puddles :) ). I am thinking we could go through one song a week to listen to while we look at our art page or 1 day a week play all the seasonal songs and do some singing, instrument play, etc.


One thing I'd love to hear suggestions for would be more cooking projects to go with the units that do not do one in the Fall, Winter and Spring units because I'd like to do a weekly cooking project. Also, book suggestions for other fiction books relating to the topic would be nice. I think I would like to do 2 additional books a week. I have looked up all the books on WFA Curriculum list and my library carries all the books listed! But, suggestions to other books would be helpfull as I would not have to risk getting books that seem related or look age appropriate and really won't be that great for my kiddos (they'll be 4 & 6). Thanks!


Hope to get some responses from those of you utilizing Wee Folk Art. :)

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I used Wee Folk Art last spring, and meant to use it again this fall but haven't really gotten around to it. I used it mostly for the themes and a few of the projects as a supplement to other stuff. It has some cute ideas, and I still use the Journal printout for DD's journaling... it's the perfect number of lines and spacing for her.


There are some great kids cookbooks out there, and I know I got at least one from the Scholastic Learning Express store during one of their dollar deals. It's mostly for classroom use, so there's not much real cooking: it's mostly spreading no-cook toppings to make animal shapes or something like that. I bet that the Molly Katzen kids cookbooks would be a good fit for the Wee Folk Art spirit: very seasonal and organic and it's vegetarian so you don't need to worry about your preschooler spreading raw chicken juice around the house when he wanders off just while you're doing something that can't be dropped... not that I speak from experience or anything.


Have fun! It's a cute program with some nice ideas.

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Our library doesn't carry all the titles WFA uses, so we've had to improvise a bit. I simply search my library's web page for a certain subject such as apples, tractors, vegetables, etc, and go from there. There are usually several picture book options available and although they may not be as cute as WFA's suggestions, it's better than nothing.


We are going to cook our own pumpkins to use in the pumpkin muffins (Week 8) and make bread to go with Week 4. We have a wheat miller, so the kids can get a better picture of what wheat looks like. Making a special Thanksgiving dish such as pumpkin pie (Week 11) is also an idea.


We've had a garden the last two years and I highly recommend it. It's educational for both you and your kids. Work, but enjoyable work.


I'll have to come back and post our favorite book titles.

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Cookbook that is seasonal I might use to supplement weeks without cooking. My kids really love to do cooking projects with me, and the idea of summer ideas sounds great because it's really hot where I live in summer so we don't do much together but would love kid friendly no cook ideas.



Also looking at this book for a year round garden. I'm a novice gardener, to say the least! We do a small row of flowers, tomatoes and herbs every year but this is about it! We're apartment dwellers and have a small patio with about a foot wide of dirt surrounding the perimeter of our "yard", so not much room to grow, but my father has been offering to let us do a garden at his home, about a half hour away, which he'll tend and we can come work in once a week to spend time with each other and get into the garden. I'm thinking we could try it next year as weekly trip we'll do.



If you have any experience with either book let me know :)

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